A Feast for the Senses in Maine’s Lakes and Mountains

Scenic drives reveal crystal-clear lakes and rolling mountains that hide verdant forests with tumbling waterfalls. Endless miles of hiking through the hushed grandeur of fir, pine, and spruce. Paddling at dawn in sight of a moose grazing on the opposite shore and 
hearing the distinctive call of a loon. Granite peaks, reaching 4,000 feet to the sky offering unparalleled views. Hills and dales blooming in a riot of russet and gold come autumn.

Even traveling through Maine’s Lakes and Mountains cities and towns offers a chance to see architectural treasures and to take in places that evoke our history and offer glimpses of a thriving cultural scene. These are just some of the splendors that await your visit to our region.

A slower pace beckons.

Western Maine’s clean air, sparkling water, and untrammeled 
landscape will bring you back to a slower, quieter time. Open your eyes to ancient rivers and lakes cut by ice-age glaciers, sun-drenched cliff faces, and beautiful mountain villages. Some of Maine’s tallest mountains challenge you to a hike. Maine’s public reserved lands are a welcome departure from our overbuilt world. You’ll view hillsides that roll to a distant horizon or across places drawn straight from postcards. Wildlife abounds. Stop a while to listen for warblers and chickadees or maybe even spot a rafter of wild turkeys.

Covered Bridges of Maine's Lakes and Mountains.
Take one of our numerous scenic drives, where you’ll be rewarded with the sight of cathedral pine stands, winding rivers, majestic waterfalls, working farms, and even a collection of quaint covered bridges. Our region is just as beautiful in the winter, when our snowy 
landscape, pine-scented air, and warm sun on your back all create a true feast for the senses.